Real-Time Subscription Management


Abo-Online for Private Customers

The ‘Abo-Online’ subscription service enables your customers to order and process subscriptions around the clock. All customer and product data is synchronized in real time with your backend sales system. This means that subscription applications and changes take effect immediately. Moreover, preliminary cards can be printed out as hardcopy tickets or issued as mobile tickets on the smartphone.

Abo-Online for Major Customers

The Abo-Online module for major customers allows large and corporate customers to independently create, edit and manage subscription contracts for their employees. This delivers flexibility and convenience when managing general agreement quotas and employee contracts for your major customers. You furthermore benefit from streamlined processes and reduced expenses.


Abo-Online for Service Centers

Abo-Online for Service Centers provides your service staff with a tool for entering and processing customer data and subscriptions quickly and easily. Subscription requests or changes take immediate effect. You can also immediately print welcome letters, change confirmations etc. or send these via e-mail. You can also directly issue preliminary subscription cards, rewrite e-tickets or issue customer subscriptions as mobile tickets on customers’ smartphones.

Abo-Online Self-Service Terminal

The Abo-Online Self-Service Terminal revolutionizes customer service, empowering your customers to autonomously carry out all standard services relating to their own subscription in your service center in addition to using your staffed counters. The terminal consists of a robust tablet, that can be installed as a floor-mounted stand, a wall-mounted arm, as a multi terminal or suspended from the ceiling.