Abo-Online for Service Centers

Create, manage and issue subscriptions and customers with ease

  • Create and manage customer and subscription data
  • Simple, context-driven user guidance for your service team
  • All entries and changes become effective in real time
  • Print preliminary cards or issue mobile subscriptions on the smartphone
  • Reduced queues thanks to accelerated data capture
  • All customer data at a glance
  • No training and familiarization overheads
  • Can be combined with any sales backend system

Process Customer Transactions Quickly and Successfully

Abo-Online for Service Centers provides your service staff with a tool for entering and processing customer data and subscriptions quickly and easily. All customer and product data is synchronized in real time with your sales backend system, so subscription requests or changes will take immediate effect. You can also immediately print documents such as welcome letters, change confirmations etc. or e-mail them to your customers.

You can also directly issue preliminary subscription cards, rewrite e-tickets or issue customer subscriptions as mobile tickets on customers’ smartphones. This helps you to successfully and efficiently complete all transactions requested by customers visiting your service center. Gain satisfied customers and empower your service staff by reducing the time and resources they spend on performing routine back-office tasks.

Simple, Fast and Convenient Subscription Management

Abo-Online for Service Centers provides your service staff with everything they need to create and manage customer and contract data. This includes functions such as creating new customer accounts and subscriptions, changing the product or payer, extending subscriptions, reporting loss, depositing legal representatives, canceling subscriptions, revoking cancellations, and much more.

Quick familiarization thanks to intuitive user guidance

Abo-Online for Service Centers is the perfect frontend for your sales backend system: It bundles the backend’s often complex processes and dialogs in a clear and easy-to-understand user interface that has a compellingly intuitive and context-driven design. Your service staff are only shown the information and input fields that are useful and relevant to the respective processing step. Depending on previous entries, new fields will be shown or those not required will be hidden when selecting the appropriate subscription, for example. As a result, your service staff are automatically guided through the process step by step.

Current data at any time

Entries and changes made in Abo-Online for Service Centers take direct effect based on the rules you have defined since all data is synchronized automatically with your sales backend system in real time. This gives your service staff full transparency and access to up-to-date customer subscription data at all times. Moreover, the back-office team can draw on this data to generate analyses and reports.

Optimized for your processes

You can adapt the Abo-Online for Service Centers user interface to your company-specific requirements and corporate design. You can even configure the display and behavior of individual elements.


For example, you can set up forms, confirmation pages, e-mail templates or contract functions according to your individual rates, processes and rules. The roles and rights concept allows you to assign editing rights on the user level.

Connect the software with your sales backend system

Abo-Online is optimized for interfacing with the PT customer management and sales backend system from HanseCom. However, you can use web services to connect Abo-Online with any third-party system.

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