HandyTicket Deutschland

Mobile sales via a Germany-wide ticket platform

Handyticket Deutschland
  • Rapidly growing mobility platform
  • No initial investment – no fixed costs
  • Turnover-based brokerage fee
  • Participate a single time – draw on 3 sales channels
  • Gain new customers (e.g. tourists, business people) thanks to nationwide ticket sales
  • Added sales opportunities for parking, energy and recreational services
  • Secure income based on payment guarantee

Easy to Participate, Transparent Costs

Extend your mobile sales offering and gain instant access to three additional sales channels. HandyTicket Deutschland combines the fares of different local public transportation regions in a mobile sales channel based on the concept “register once to travel throughout all cities and regions.”

Your benefits: quick and easy participation, transparent costs and no financial risk.

Gain access to the existing pool of over 1,000,000 end customers registered with the platform, and present yourself as a modern company. Over 50 transport companies throughout around 20 regions are presently selling their services via HandyTicket Deutschland. When will you join?

Top Mobility and Flexibility for Your Passengers

Easily integrate promotional & subscription tickets

You have been considering cooperations with the local zoo, movie theaters or parking garages? Expand your ticket range quickly and easily to include promotional tickets or special fares. You can even sell commutation tickets such as monthly or weekly passes directly via the app or as a ticket-to-print product.

Extensive service portal

The HandyTicket Deutschland service portal provides you with all customer data at a glance, allowing your service centers to manage it with ease. Use the notification feature to launch marketing events and draw on comprehensive sales and customer statistics to gain valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and purchase patterns.

Tamper-proof VDV-KA barcode

All tickets are output as a forgery-proof VDV-KA-compliant 2D barcode with an added text for convenient visual confirmation. Additional security features protect the tickets from unauthorized distribution or copying.

HandyTicket Deutschland

Customer quote


“Demand for mobile phone tickets is growing by the day, and each customer has a different preference. The various sales channels delivered by HandyTicket Deutschland allow us to cater to the needs of customers both on a regional and national level.”

Daniel Gutseel, Director Sales Infrastructure, WSW mobil GmbH