‘Abo auf dem Handy’ Subscription on the Mobile Phone

Mobile ticketing and 24/7 subscription self-service for your subscribers

‘Abo auf dem Handy’ Subscription on the Mobile Phone
  • Better customer service thanks to subscription self-service
  • Customers always have their subscription with them on their mobile phone
  • Manage subscriptions via app or online
  • One user account connects to all channels
  • Central and secure storage of customer and subscription data
  • Reduced service center overheads and lower sales costs
  • Ticket is generated monthly as a barcode on the mobile phone

Better Service and Improved Convenience for Your Subscribers

Subscribers are the most valuable customers of transport companies. They must therefore be treated with special care. One way to deliver excellent customer service is to provide them with easy, comfortable and secure access to public transport as well as convenient subscription management options. However, few transport companies actually offer this level of service. In fact, most treat their subscribers like ‘uninvited guests’. For example, when customers wish to manage their subscription – and be it just a simple change of address – they are required to go to a service center in person. Daily, weekly and monthly tickets are offered as mobile phone tickets in many regions, while subscription tickets are only issued as paper tickets or chip cards.

The ‘Abo auf dem Handy’ mobile phone subscription service from HanseCom is an open and modular solution that makes it easy to digitize subscriptions in your region in a secure manner. It does not matter whether you wish to offer this service on your own app or a standard system and whether the solution is installed on a new system or implemented in your existing IT infrastructure. In collaboration with you, HanseCom will develop a custom solution for digitizing your subscriptions that fully meets your needs and those of your customers. This empowers you to offer your subscribers the convenience, service and flexibility they deserve.

Easy and fast anytime digitizing of subscriptions



“Rheinbahn is pushing ahead their digitization plans with the ‘Abo auf dem Handy’ mobile phone subscription service. It is our aim to present ourselves as a modern, future- and customer-oriented transport company that enables its customers to purchase, use and manage their tickets based on the latest technical standards, and that means digitally.”

Andrea Wirth, Head of Marketing, Sales & Product Development, Rheinbahn AG

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