HandyTicket Deutschland: Ticket Shop

Boost your mobile sales via any app while staying in control of customer data and ticket generation

  • Reach new customers via any digital channel
  • Easily integrate with third-party apps via API technology
  • One user account for all apps
  • All customer data remains with the transport company
  • Flexible integration of multi-/intermodal offers
  • Cleverly complement the travel package with parking and leisure tickets as well as charging services
  • Safely generate tickets according to the VDV-KA standard
  • Secure income based on payment guarantee

The Right App for Every Target Group

Every user is unique. Different apps therefore address different customer needs. This is why the HandyTicket Deutschland ticket shop is designed for easy, cost-effective and future-proof integration with any third-party application by means of modern API technology. This provides transport companies and transport associations with the ability to easily integrate mobile ticket sales features into their own regional app.

Better yet,it is just as easy to integrate your own ticket assortment into any third-party app or other application – without giving customer data or the ticket generation process out of your hands. At the same time, you enable users to buy their public transport tickets on any integrated distribution channel: with the same account and without having to register again. This translates into real added value for you and your customers.

Be it a supra-regional ticketing platform, travel/hotel portal or a leisure/event app: By integrating HandyTicket Deutschland’s ticket shop into any third-party application, you can make your tickets available via a variety of digital touchpoints and thus reach new target groups. Throughout this process, all relevant data and transactions remain in your hands at all times.

Ticket, revenue and data security

  • HandyTicket Deutschland is VDV-KA compliant and generates a VDV-KA barcode for each ticket. Alternatively, barcodes can be output in UIC 918.3 or HanseCom-specific format.
  • All payment transactions in HandyTicket Deutschland are settled and secured by the LogPay Financial Services GmbH payment service provider. This means that your revenue is fully secured at all times.
  • Storage of HandyTicket Deutschland data is handled by a German hosting service provider whose data centers are certifi ed according to DIN EN ISO-IEC 27001 for information security and are operated in Germany.



„Demand for smartphone tickets is growing by the day, and each customer has a different preference. The various sales channels delivered by HandyTicket Deutschland allow us to cater to the needs of customers both on a regional and national level.“

Daniel Gutseel, Director Sales Infrastructure, WSW mobil GmbH

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